How To Get Rid Of Computer Virus

By Best Laptops and Computers

In my computing experience I hate nothing more than computer viruses. Some of them are just a little bit disturbing us while others destroy for ever hours of work or even worse our personal files. Computer viruses, as a matter of supposition, have been responsible for almost every technological sick and error in the last 10 years. To be honest, this is not the whole truth: the computer virus is a simple creature. It's quite easy to avoid its bad effects respecting a few rules. If you take enough precautions, stay away from websites that you do not trust, and do not open e-mail attachments from people that you don't know, you can protect yourself from almost every computer virus out there.

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This doesn't mean that sane, cautious behavior replaces the right computer software. The two approaches complement each other. So, what's the software you must buy fast to avoid irremediable disasters? You need a powerful anti-virus software you can use easily. The best ones are updating their virus database automaticly. It's easy and simple: no action is required to keep your software updated. You need at least the latest computer anti virus software installed on your computer. Another good prevention is to launch on a regular basis a scan of your hard disk. It may take a while but I'd rather be safe than sorry!

Something like once a week is a good average. You can use a specific folder for all your downloads and scan again this folder everytime you have a new file there. Several times a year, a new Internet worm or Trojan horse virus is released, seeking with talent insecure computer systems that are not protected. If you installed a strong firewall, an antivirus program, and updated Windows as proposed by the operating system, you'll be fine. Else, you could be in trouble. Computer viruses cause millions and millions of dollars of damage every year. Even if no one knows the exact figure, we do know that easily preventable computer virus infections account for huge amounts of personal and financial loss. Don't be a victim: protect yourself from computer viruses. This is really important to get only the most exciting experiences using your laptop or desktop.

This doesn't mean that you should download the first spyware remover or virus protection program that you find. One of the sneakiest computer virus tricks ever made is to pose as a spyware protection program. These Trojan horse viruses come into your computer as anti virus programs. That way, they don't have to sneak in on their own – you install them yourself. They then can hijack your system, using it to send out spam, crashing it, destroying the data, or any combination of the above. Only get a computer antivirus from a trusted provider. Never just simply download one because it comes up on the Internet.

Trustable editors releasing anti virus softwares more often also offer spyware remover and firewall. This is the case for example with F-Secure and Defender Pro. When considering which product to buy you may ask yourself if you need a suite including 15 tools or just the 2 or 3 tools you really want (firewall, spyware remover and of course anti virus). Why not test the product before buying? Several companies allow you to discover their software through a free trial. Amongst them is Kaspersky Lab. Kaspersky is an Award-winning software personal computers.

To be fully protected from the computer virus you must exterminate your vulnerability to spyware. Even if every once in awhile a computer virus comes around that causes a lot of trouble, most of the minor computer problems that people have from day to day are caused by spyware. It slows down your web browser, changes your starting page in Internet Explorer,makes your computer less stable and less private, and makes you life unhappy. Then to get rid of all threats, use together those 3 tools:

  • a computer virus scan, you also need to get
  • a spyware removal tool
  • a firewall
Don't be anymore that person fearing computer viruses, be the one that takes no risk! Use an anti virus software of the best quality and backup your data once a week. External hard drives are now so affordable that it worths buying one to keep your valuable data safe.